Blouse: Ruche High-Waisted Shorts: Dorothy Perkins Necklace: Smart Set: Glasses: Fendi
Top: Forever 21 Black Skinnies: Old Navy
Top (worn purposefully backwards): Smart Set Shorts: Dorothy Perkins
An article a while back over on IFB shared how instagram can "ruin" blogs, and although I do actually love it, there are admittedly times when it's far easier to snap a phone photo and share it instantly than trekking out with my camera and tripod to capture the perfect outfit photo. It's an easy pattern to fall into, but it's true that my instagramming has swiped some potential blog content. You'll certainly still see an outfit post here or there if you follow my photo feed on instagram (@lotsixtyfive), but I'm going to make more of an effort to photograph those outfits for the blog, even if it is a little extra work! It's worth it right?

That being said, here's a few simple "insta-outfit" photos I've worn over the last little while! Look forward to a "proper" outfit post coming up this weekend!

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Elise said...

Cute outfits! My favourite is that flowery top from Ruche!

Gina said...

How great does that Smart Set top look backwards, of all things? Love it!

Cee said...

I'm going to have to read that article - personally, I've found that Instagram has been really helpful for me because it has actually allowed me to develop some level of skill in terms of photo composition. But then again, I rarely use it for outfit photos :) But I do enjoy seeing other's outfit shots pop up on my feed - like yours!

noone said...

I love the top in the first picture! I like instagram, except when people use it excessively like in every post, but once in a while it's handy for sure!

Jenna said...

Loving all three of these looks!

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