Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wishlisted: Beauty

Fall Beauty Picks

This past summer I tried to keep make-up to a minimum, both because I was trying to clear up my skin and also because I go into sunscreen overdrive in the sun, and hate how that mixes with make-up. But now that cooler temperatures are finally upon us I am officially back on the beauty train.  I have my tried and true favourite products (which I'll share more about soon) but there are definitely a few items on my fall beauty wishlist.

1. Carven Eau de Parfum. It. Smells. Amazing. Currently I have the rollerball version of this, and before I got it I literally spritzed myself with this stuff every time I went into the Ottawa Sephora. I have actually gotten stopped by strangers who tell me how good I smell when I wear this perfume. A little creepy? Maybe. But confirmation that this scent is wondrous.

2. I used to be a bit dubious regarding primer, but after trying the tea-tree skin primer from the Body Shop, I was converted. So when I heard about (and saw amazing reviews of) this primer/mascara combo - Subversion / Perversion from Urban Decay I was instantly intrigued. Hoping they can, in combination make my "lizard-like" (read: almost non-existent) lashes stand out.

3. MOAR MAC PIGMENTS. This powdery goodness is my make-up dream come true. I have my lovely friend Laura to thank for introducing me to this magical stuff last year - a life-changing recommendation.  I have three colours (Vanilla, Naked, and Tan) so far and am eyeing several more.

4. It might be a 90's revival, but I am loving the brownish-pink lipsticks I am seeing crop up everywhere. I particularly love this shade from Charlotte Tilbury - Stoned Rose.

5. Anyone familiar with my always-growing nail polish collection could tell you that I have a slight beige / neutral addiction. So many incarnations of these colours, I can't even tell you. So when I saw "Take it Outside" from Essie's new fall line-up, it automatically got added to my must-have list.

6. Last but certainly not least, Fresh's Sugar Lip Treatment in Plum. I have this in Tulip, and it has been my favourite summer colour. I'd love to get the darker shade for transitioning into fall. 

What beauty products are on your radar this autumn?
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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Autumn Glow

It's no secret that I'm definitely a huge fan of online boutique Ruche - it's a constant favourite of mine for its pretty pieces and for its always lovely lookbooks.  Their most recent one, "Autumn Glow" is no exception, and I couldn't help but save this bookish snap. Books + Fashion = Love.
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Friday, September 12, 2014


Tank: Smart Set Skirt & Shoes: Old Navy (old)
The evenings are growing increasingly cool here in Prince Edward County and I can't say I'm too disappointed. As summer draws to a close, I thought I'd share this outfit featuring several of the "stars" of my summer wardrobe. First, I essentially lived in these Smart Set tanks (I have them in several colours). I wore them with pencil skirts (as seen here), with shorts, with leggings, with jeans. As pajamas! They are so versatile and incredibly comfy; it is insane. Go, right now, and get yourself some. You will love your life, I promise you!

Comfort was big for me this summer, and this soft, stretchy skirt form Old Navy as well as my well-loved boat shoes made many an appearance, travelling with me to Switzerland and back again. Summer after summer I find myself drawn to nautically-inspired items and these are two winners in my books for that reason.

Fun fact: Almost fell into Lake Ontario not once, not twice but ... many times. More than I would like to admit, frankly. Wobbly docks and self-timed photo-snapping leads to adventures, let me tell you.
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Monday, September 08, 2014

Music Monday: Johnnyswim

Although I am still getting over the loss of my beloved John Paul and Joy, who have parted ways, ne'er to meet again, I have recently discovered another pretty fantastic duo who I have been loving of late: Johnnyswim. Fantastic lyrics, great melodies, they have a folky, bluesy sound that I have gravitated to so much over the last year or two. This tune is from their album, Diamonds, all of which, I can honestly say, is so, so good (have a listen here).
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Friday, September 05, 2014

Summer's End: A Wishlist

Fall Wishlist 2014

It's been a rather shameful couple of weeks since my last post. I have no excuse other than I've moved provinces for what seems like the millionth time in as many months. I've been living the life of a nomad of late, and have yet to put down roots in one spot, for too long. I'm hopeful that will change though. Always an adventure. I've got lots of hopes, dreams and plans for this little blog of mine and I hope that those of you who are still with me will enjoy the journey.

Even though - or perhaps because - it is still scorchingly hot (over 40 with humidity today = spending the afternoon in the pool) here in Ontario, I am eagerly awaiting cooler climes and the fashion options that go along with them. I've cobbled together a few of the items on my fall wishlist, some more realistic than others. But as a girl with a fall birthday, I can hope!

1. A cozy, oversized sweater, that I plan to wear with, well, everything.
2. Pearls, pearls and more pearls. Specifically these, from J. Crew.
3. Charlotte Tilbury blush in Love is the Drug. Totally looks like a boob, but I love the colour, ha.
4. Fun new pastel frames. Loving this pair from Bonlook.
5. Simple bangles, like this one from Kate Spade. Stacks of these? Yes please.
6. Seriously so in love with this perfect leather backpack. Reminds me of this moment (even if it isn't Prada).
7. The perfect pair of boyfriend jeans. I used to be a hater, but I am currently loving this style.
8. Lavanila perfume in Pure Vanilla. I had heard about this scent from an EssieButton video, and finally smelled it at Shopper's Drug Mart while shopping with my niece. Nearly died: It is wondrous.
9. These insanely perfect, if impractical, fighter-cat printed heels. Because they are everything.
10. Last but not least: colourful scarves, such as this blue beauty. Okay, I admit, this is not just a fall but an all-the-time wishlist item. I love scarves, all. the. time.

Any early fall items catching your fancy? Let me know in the comments!
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