Tuesday, August 11, 2015

OPI Nail Envy

I am always thrilled to try new nail polishes out - as my ever-growing collection and overflowing storage area could very easily demonstrate.  I wear polish on my nails nearly every day and I have indeed noticed that they do need a break from time to time due to breakage and brittleness.  What intrigued me about the Nail Envy collection is that these polishes are formulated to encourage strengthening and growth.  
I tried four of these polishes: One slightly pink-tinted nail treatment - Pink to Envy, Two sheers - Bubble Bath and Samoan Sand, and One cream - Hawaiian Orchid

If you love sheer polishes and/or french manicures, I think that both Bubble Bath and Samoan Sand would be perfect for those types of look. Personally? I prefer a creamy, opaque finish on my nails but these are two beautiful sheer options, if that's your cup of tea.

The clear winner of this set, for me, is Hawaiian Orchid. It is a perfect soft pink that goes with everything, and is precisely the sort of colour and creamy, lustrous finish that I love. This is a polish I've already gone back to several times, and I know I will continue to do so - it's gorgeous. 

As for the treatment, Pink to Envy, and the overall strengthening quality of these polishes, I have to say that I think there is certainly some effect.  I wear polish on my nails easily 95% of the time, taking breaks when they seem to get brittle or break easily.  I wore a rotation of these colours (and a week of simply the clear (there really isn't much of a tint) treatment polish, and while my nails aren't unusually strong, neither have they become as brittle as they often tend to do.  So overall? I think on the strengthening promise, these polishes do deliver, if subtly. 

What polishes have you been loving lately?
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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Intentional Gratefulness v. 10

I read a lovely post recently by Rebecca of From Roses that called to mind feeling grateful, particularly finding joy in the small moments of the everyday.  Her words (and examples) really resonated with me.  Sometimes the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things can be beautiful bits to both enjoy and feel thankful for, and so with that in mind,  I'm sharing a few of the small yet joyful happenings that I've felt grateful for this past week. 

 - Sniffing the intoxicatingly delicious aroma of farm fresh strawberries at the local general store
  (I bought and subsquently ate them = yum)

- Driving home through sun-showers and spotting the absolutely glorious double rainbow that accompanied them

- Stopping to enjoy stunning sunsets (see above!) over the water - I never tire of these

- Picnic lunch(es) in the park with colleagues

- Watching my humble herb garden begin to flourish on my windowsill, and harvesting the spoils

- Homemade jam (Thanks Rosie!) on a bakery-fresh roll = scrumptious

- Feeling the wind on my face while running on the trails

- The smell of salt water

- Opening my curtains to a sunshiny morning when it's been rainy for ages. 

- Spotting a piece of seaglass during shoreline strolls to add to my growing collection

- Watching my youngest niece quite literally laugh until she fell over - cuteness plus!!!

What are you thankful for lately?
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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

GRTTWaK Charlottetown

Photo via GRTTWaK
I have been an avid listener of the Grown-ups Read Things They Wrote as Kids (GRTTWaK) podcast for quite a while. I often listen and chuckle along to the half-hour-ish episodes while getting ready for work in the morning, a practice which never fails to help me start the day off in a great mood.  The episodes are recorded at live events across the country, and I was dreaming of the day that a Charlottetown date would be announced.  
When such a date WAS finally announced, I made my way to my parents' basement, digging eagerly through boxes of childhood keepsakes when I stumbled upon the most hilarious, perfect story ever, that I knew would be a total hit at the event. 
I turned over the sheet of paper and saw, written in Mom's handwriting - "Rosalyn's Story, 1992". 
Needless to say, I was devastated. Nothing I'd found of my own, save a very visuals-heavy picture book I'd created at age five (that didn't lend itself to being read in front of a crowd) seemed right. So I was on a mission to encourage my reluctant sister to read her short fiction, "The Foal" that had my parents and I laughing so hard upon our initial reaidng of it as to have tears streaming down our faces.  
Being an absolutely wonderful sport, Rosie agreed to read the story, and so we submitted an application. I won't put the quote I used to describe the story here, as I feel it would be too much of a spoiler. All I will say, is that Rosalyn unknowingly created a whole new genre of children's fiction, which Dan alludes to following her performance.  She told me beforehand that I'd better act as her plant in the audience, and laugh at appropriate spots, in case no one else did, but she needn't have worried, because barely two lines in, the surprised and amused audience chimed right in, enjoying her story as much as I did.

If you'd like to have a listen to her piece, written when she was just ten years old, you can check out the podcast episode below (and you'll also get the treat of hearing several other readings that were among my favourites for the night).  Rosalyn is last, at around the 24-25 minute mark.
So much thanks to Dan and Jenna - a lovely fellow former Stylelist Canada (RIP) alum that I got to meet in person! - for coming up with this genius podcast and for organizing the most enjoyable, hilarious and touching event I've been to in ages.  Come back to PEI soon!! 
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Monday, July 20, 2015

Music Monday - Sorrey

Something I will always love about the Island is the seemingly endless fount of local talent on the arts and culture scene.  There's just so much creativity bursting forth across this little province and I'm always excited to discover something new.  And so, it seems quite apt to share a tune from dream pop ensemble Sorrey (see a great review on exclaim! here) taken from their EP, Thick as Thieves which will be officially released this coming Thursday.  I have been loving the dreamy pop sounds of Jenn Grant's new AquaAlta project and so when I heard a similar description of Sorrey's music, I was instantly intrigued.  

I definitely enjoyed all of the songs on this debut release. Lead singer Emily Sorrey has a lovely voice, which winds its way beautifully through the synth/instrumental driven melodies. My favourite is the first single, Washington. Have a listen below!

If you like what you hear, you can stream the whole EP here

What have you been listening to lately?
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Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Favourites v.9

I'm officially re-instating the Friday Favourites of old, sharing with you a few of the things that I've been loving over the last little while. Sharing the good stuff and bits of happy is always a good idea no?
Here are a few things that have caught my eye lately:
 - This great article by the fantastic Isabel Slone featuring one of my all-time favourite brands (Valentino) and cultural appreciation and cooperation (vs. cultural appropriation) done right.  DSquared, take a lesson!
- An absolutely wondeful video on Make-up for Glasses wearers, such as myself, from one of the best, Lisa Eldridge. Invaluable.
- So many gorgeous bookstores to visit - I've already been to a few, and can't wait to check out the rest!
- One of the best books I've read so far this year, Lost & Found by Brooke Davis (not of OTH!)
- This fun (and on point) video on the benefits of friends vs. selfie sticks.
- An absolutely scrumptious-looking brunch idea = yum. 
- The Grown-ups Read Things They Wrote As Kids podcast. They recently organized an event on PEI and my fabulous sister read a story! It was the MOST fun, and the podcast shares the best of the best from their live shows. So good, sweet, touching, heartfelt and just plain hilarious. 
What have you been loving lately?
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