Music Monday: The Sun Harmonic

I don't know if you're familiar with the Southern Souls project (If not, read more here), but for me it has been and continues to be a great way to discover emerging musical talent in Canada, and I always look forward to their releases on YouTube for that reason. A couple of weeks ago, I clicked through to discover Kaleb Hikele, or The Sun Harmonic. I always love piano-driven songwriting, and I absolutely fell in love with the above track, which I proceeded to replay over and over again. I subsequently ordered the 8-song album After We Fly, which arrived with a lovely personal note from the artist and was filled with great melodies, poetic words and a jazzy-folk feeling. It's been great company on my long weekend drives from the fishing village where I live to the farther-away-than-I'd-like homes of my family and friends. 
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Rebecca R said...

So glad to hear you enjoy it too!

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