Gingers meet Vogue Russia

Vogue Russia, March 2015 --Models: Madison Stubbington, Magdalena Jasek; Photographer: Victor 
DemarchelierFashion Editor: Olga Dunina; Hair: Jennifer Yepez; Make-up: Fredrik Stambro

It seems so infrequent to see editorials featuring redheads, and so I am always delighted to see them whenever they crop up.  I especially love the gorgeous feminine styling in this series of shots from Vogue Russia's March 2015 issue.  I may not have the wild Merida-like curls (much as I'd love them) sported by these ladies, but I am finding definite inspiration in the gorgeous beauty look. Most especially? The accentuation of freckles! Mine fade somewhat, and have done especially in this seemingly unending winter, but as soon as the sun peeks out more and more, so too will my face full of freckles, and I look forward to showing them off. Mix that on-point beauty look with gorgeous, feminine styling and you can't go wrong. There's so much to love here.
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