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Anyone who knows me knows I love experimenting with different styles of frames; as an everyday glasses wearer out of necessity (worst eyesight, right here), I always enjoy trying out new looks. As such, I was absolutely delighted when got in touch to ask if I'd review a pair of their frames from the (gorgeous) new Derek Cardigan Gold lineup.

I can honestly say that I was super-impressed by the range, the colours, styles and shapes are varied and fashion-forward, yet perfect for everyday wear = the greatest. While math was always my worst subject, I admit I am a fan of the cute arithmetically-themed detailing. When it came down to it, I had a seriously difficult time choosing a favourite pair amongst such goodness, but I had to go with my signature cat-eye frame in the colour Honey Havana
I've been a long-time customer of, I've been purchasing contact lenses from them for  quite a while, but I've never been brave enough to order frames with prescription lenses online before. Case in point? I ordered my beloved current clear frames (similar) with clear plastic lenses and later purchased the lenses separately and in person. Long story short, being able to see perfectly was my number one concern - I knew I'd love the frames (and yes, I absolutely do) - but I wondered if the lenses would be just right. I needn't have worried, because when they arrived, in addition to looking fabulous, I was able to see perfectly. Crystal clear lenses and my prescription was spot-on.  
The verdict: If you're on the hunt for fantastic frames - either prescription or simply as an accessory - I can say with confidence that any pair from the Derek Cardigan Gold Collection (or any of the other glasses on offer) from would be a great pick.
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Cee said...

These frames suit you just perfectly, Rebecca! I have yet to order a pair of glasses online that has gotten the prescription quite right, but I'm ever hopeful :)

rosalynclaire said...

I love these ones. They look beautiful on you!

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