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February is not one of my favourite months.  It's cold, and snowy, and it just feels like winter is never going to end (especially when it starts out like this one did, with a 67 cm snowfall!).  Also, as an eternally solo lady, Valentine's day has never been one of my favourite holidays, although the romantic in me enjoys the idea of it.  So this year? When everyone is putting out their "Gifts for Him/Her" lists, I'm putting out a list of treats for me! Not that I will be getting them all for myself this February 14th, but I might treat myself to at least one.

1. The "Stay Home Club" sweater - because obviously.
2. I could and would wear these adorable heart-shaped earrings every day.
3. These soft-pink frames that are so perfect.
4. A personalized initial charm
5. This gorgeous shade of pink from my polish favourite, Essie.
6. A full-sized bottle of Carven's signature scent (I've used up my rollerball!).
7. Pretty pastel notebooks. You can never have enough.
8. I love pretty teapots and teacups, so this heart-printed  "Tea for One" set is ideal.
9. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to try the Chocolate Bar palette from Too Faced.
10. Last but not least - a clutch I can only dream of from Olympia Le-Tan. 
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Cee said...

What a lovely selection of treats, indeed! Those pastel notebooks are just too lovely - and it's true, you can never have enough :)

Rebecca R said...

Aren't they so pretty? Writing anything down seems much more fancy! :)

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