#ReadHarder v.1

I'll leave this short since my video is more than a little bit chatty. To sum up? I'm participating in Book Riot's #ReadHarder challenge, which includes an array of tasks designed to encourage those participating to diversify their reading habits. A good idea? Yes, indeed! 
As a result, in this video I'm sharing the first few tasks I've completed, am working on or am about to embark upon. Also included - mini-reviews of the books I've read so far. 
Intrigued? Press play!
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Cee said...

The craziest hair ever? How about the best! Seriously - every time you do a video, I have major curl envy.

Rebecca R said...

Haha Cee, you are too kind!

Beckerman Girls said...

I LOVE that notebook with all the doodles on it! Stunning!!! kisses
xoBeckerman Girls

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