Hello 2015!

What a year! I can't believe that 2014 is already at an end, and we've launched into 2015.  I'm looking forward to starting fresh. I've got a new job, a new place, in a new town. I've accomplished a lot over the last year and though it had the usual ups and downs, I ended it feeling hopeful.  
I looked back at my "resolution"-filled post from last year (see it here), and I am proud to say that I accomplished many of the things on that list. I ran a 10k and further. I didn't quite make 100 books read, but got close with about 75! I travelled to Switzerland and made beautiful memories with people that I love dearly. I volunteered. I went down two sizes. I wrote. I climbed a mountain (see photo above^)!!!!
Looking back, there have been difficult moments, but there have been beautiful moments too and I am grateful for the growth that both have provided. 

As I said in this post, I like to make a habit of posting my goals here to help keep myself accountable. And as always, I certainly have a few things I want to accomplish over the next year.

In 2015, I hope to:

- Actually make it to 100 books read!
- Complete a Half-Marathon
- Learn a new instrument (preferably one more portable than my beloved piano)
- Spend less time dreaming, more time doing
- Go back to school, even if only part-time: Learn!
- Travel somewhere new
- Sew a puff (or quilt) for a loved one's forthcoming 2015 baby
- Successfully maintain an indoor herb garden (in spite of my black thumb)
- Keep growing!

What are some of the goals you hope to work towards in the coming year? 
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Cee said...

Happy New Year, Rebecca! Wishing you only wonderful things in 2015.

Rebecca R said...

Thank you!! xo

Jennie May said...

Happy New Year lovely! I have 100 books in my sights too! xo

Rebecca R said...

Hopefully both of us will make it! :)

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