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Sharing my goals for the new year is something I always love to do here, as it helps remind and keep me motivated to pursue them over the course of the year - a sense of accountability, perhaps.

I'm starting off with some fairly simple (and admittedly a bit superficial) ones - those pertaining to beauty and style!
In the beauty department...
Experiment with Eyes:

I always turn to the same shades, styles and products when it comes to my eye makeup. While I do like having some tried and true favourites in my beauty arsenal, I have also been gaining more and more of an interest in playing up what is actually my favourite feature. On the list? Expanding my colour range beyond neutral browns and beiges. Watch out!
Find my Perfect Red:

I'm hoping that Ruby Woo will be the right red, but as a redheaded gal, sometimes finding a red that works is more than a bit challenging. I have a few discards in my make-up bag right now that just don't fit the bill, but I'm hoping to change that in 2015.
Master Winged Eyeliner:
This is a look that I love whenever I see it (like in Estée's latest tutorial here), but I've never been brave enough to attempt let alone achieve it. Maybe this will be my year.
As for style...
Quality over Quantity:

As I've been transitioning through weight loss, I've been relying heavily on fast fashion, secondhand items and clearance rack specials to get me through. Once I reach my goal (keep an eye out for a more lifestyle-oriented goals list coming soon!), I plan to reduce, and simplify. Buying things I truly love and going for long-lasting, quality pieces.
Invest in the Classics:

This aligns, I admit, with my first style-related goal, but is perhaps a bit more specific. From black and nude pumps to trenches to jeans to blazers, I've reached a stage where I need to replace just about everything - which I plan to pick away at over time, certainly.  But when I do - I want each key, classic piece to be the best quality investment that I can manage, that I can care for, wear and love long term.
Sparkle Every Day:

As much as this could apply to simply living life, I mean it a bit more visually. I love everything pretty, bright, sparkly and glittery - I'm a bit of a magpie in that regard. I don't plan to wear all sequins all the time, but I do plan to inject at least a bit of "sparkle" into each day. That might mean a bright, happy colour, a simple sparkling earring, necklace or ring, or a full on sequin-encrusted tee. Every day is better with a bit of sparkle, am I right?
What are your style and beauty goals for 2015?
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Cee said...

These are great goals, Rebecca. Particularly the commitment to investing in quality pieces - fast fashion definitely has it's uses, and transitioning through weightloss is a major one, but once you're in a place where you're going to stay for a long time, buying clothes that will stand the test of time is the best thing you can do for the environment, and for you! As for finding the perfect red, I've practically tried them all ;) I don't know much about being a redhead, of course, but I've never seen L'Oreal's British Red look bad on anyone.

Rebecca R said...

I will have to give British Red a try!

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