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I am a major lover of beauty products of all kinds, and so I of course jumped at the chance to test out some items from Obiqo Skincare's line-up.  I am really into serums lately, and also am forever searching for face washes that are not too harsh for my sensitive and highly reactive skin, so I chose accordingly, the Intensive Facial Serum and Gentle Face Wash with Marine Extracts. I've been using both daily for the last month or so, wanting to give each a fair trial, and I can honestly say I am really happy with the results.

The face wash was definitely my favourite of the two. As I said, my skin often reacts badly to new products -  it's super-sensitive. A big part of the reason I chose this product to review was the keyword: Gentle. And it delivered. My skin was happy and responded really well to this product. It's got a gorgeous soft scent, isn't drying, yet somehow contributed, I think, to helping my skin stay much clearer than usual, and was great at removing makeup. This would be a product I'd definitely pick again, and would gladly purchase.

The serum was nice, and I noticed my skin looking healthier overall with daily use. That said, I didn't find it quite as hydrating as I'd hoped, my skin felt a bit tight now and then after use. But again, in spite of the tightness it did look better. I've really liked this product thus far, and will definitely use it all up, but while I would definitely repurchase the face wash, I'll admit I would be slightly less likely to pick this product up a second time.

Now for the best news of the day - I'm happy to share that the folks at Obiqo will be giving one of each of these great products to a lucky Canadian reader (My apologies to everyone else, I'll have open giveaways soon, I promise!). 

The giveaway will be open until next Sunday. I'll announce the winner on Monday, November 17th.

Everything else you need to know to enter is in the widget below.  Good luck!

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Jenna said...

I'm all about serums lately - would love to try this one!

PopChampagne said...

Oooh I entered!!! I want to try this haha. and oh man India- if you want to go make sure you go with a group of people, with guys. cuz man... I can't imagine 2 foreign girls going there- definitely a giant bulls eye on your back with them hassling you constantly!


Moisturizer! but I love a good BB cream too!

TracyDixon said...

Everyone needs a great moisturizer!

vilmark said...


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