My Reading Essentials

Reading Essentials
I think every book-lover has their own routine for settling down with a good read. Perhaps a quiet nook, or a soft armchair. Curled up in bed or perched on a window seat. I can enjoy a good book anywhere, in any way. Although in an ideal world, I have a hot bath, then cuddle up in comfy clothes in the coziest spot I can find. I also have a couple of items that I generally surround myself with when my nose is in a book, and I thought I'd share them with you here today.
(Reading) Glasses - A daily glasses wearer out of necessity, I much prefer wearing contacts when I can. But when I have to focus on reading, glasses win out. Why? My eyes tire much less quickly. When I do wear glasses, I always like to have fun with them. I especially love this pair from one of my frame favourites, Bonlook.
Soft Cushion - This gorgeous fluffy pillow is perfect for cuddling up on the couch with a great novel.
A Fresh Mug of Tea - I may have a bit of an addiction to teas of all kinds. My go-to? Peppermint. There is truly nothing better to accompany a good read than a steaming hot cuppa. 
Scented Candle - I don't love candles with overpowering scents and tend to stick to soft scents in general. That said, I think the librarian in me died and went to heaven when I discovered Byredo Parfum's leathery vanilla scented candle, "Bibliothèque". Heavenly.
Cozy Slippers - My sister got me these "foot duvets" from Restoration Hardware as a Christmas gift a few years ago and they. are. incredible. So warm, so toasty. For someone with seemingly chronic cold feet (literally) - these are a godsend, and an absolute requirement for a comfy-cozy reading session.
A Good Book - La pièce de resistance! The books on my to-read list are too many to count, but one of the ones I am dying to pick up and dig into is the recently announced winner of the prestigious Giller Prize, "Us Conductors" by Sean Michaels.
What are you reading lately?
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Cee said...

Byredo has a Bibliotheque scent? I had no idea - but now I must have it! I'm generally the kind of girl who can happily read anywhere, but I since I got my iPad, I've been favouring reading on the Kindle app while soaking in the tub. It just feels so indulgent!

Jennie May said...

Ooh that candle sounds gorgeous! x

PopChampagne said...

that mug of tea looks great! and the fluffly pillow <3

Rebecca R said...

Fluffy pillows = best! ha.

Rebecca R said...

It absolutely is!

Rebecca R said...

As soon as I heard about it I was thrilled. And it absolutely is worth every penny. And I also often read in the tub, it is wonderful! And indulgent, I agree.

Beckerman Girls said...

Lastnight, I finally just downloaded 50 shades of Grey!! hhahaha!!!! LOVVE this post! Looks sooo fluffy and glam! xoBeckerman Girls

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