Wishlisted: Nineties Feeling

90's Feeling

I promised myself I wouldn't, but I can't help but succumb to a little, rather nostalgic, love for the nineties feeling. It's a throwback to adolesence for me, and it is a bit fun to see the resurgence of some of the things I wore back then,  albeit with a bit of a more modern sensibility. I'm particularly loving the classic Doc Marten's, soft shades of brownish rose for lip, floral dresses and heavy knits.

Now pardon me while I rewatch episodes of My So-Called Life and early Felicity for further sartorial inspiration.
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Janie said...

Loving that floral dress too, have to say. And the lipstick!

Nicole said...

Love that dress! xx



Rebecca R said...

It is super cute isn't it?

Cee said...

I'm not really falling for it - or so I tell myself. But the last few lipsticks I've bought, I've put on and thought, my God, that looks just like that colour I wore in (insert high school grade here). Oops! I guess we all have a bit of that nostalgia.

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