Intentional Gratefulness v.5 - Thanksgiving

Today is a special "Thanksgiving" gratefulness post. I think it's important to keep an attitude of gratitude (see what I did there?) all year round, but certainly it's nice to have a day specifically with the celebration and priority of thankfulness.

For me it has been another year of transition, of changes, of travelling, not only around Canada but back to the home of my heart, Switzerland. There were, and are, many challenges for me this year, but there is also much to be grateful and very thankful for, and I wanted to share a few of those things here, today.

I'm thankful for - 

A sweet new niece to add into the mix of darling nieces and nephews who bring me so many smiles, so much joy, and so much love.

For my family and friends, all of whom are willing to do so much for me - for supporting, praying, encouraging, uplifting, opening their homes, laughing with me, crying with me, for just being there and even, from time to time, doling out some tough love when I need it. There are beautiful souls in abundance in my life and I count each one as a blessing.

For the gift of gloriously happy time spent with faraway loved ones who are always close to my heart even if they reside across an ocean from me. 

I'm thankful that this year I was able to make a significant step towards the journey to health. I have run further and faster than I ever thought I could, and am almost back to feeling like "me". I've managed to drop 4 dress sizes and sixty-five pounds so far and am not far off from reaching (and maintaining) my goals. The journey is ongoing, but actually being able to see and feel the progress has been a huge reward.

Lastly, I'm thankful for opportunity. This year (or well, the last couple of years) has been uncertain, to say the least. I've struggled with that uncertainty for many months, but when talking with my brother-in-law, he encouraged me to see this time as an opportunity rather than a source of anxiety. He reminded me that there may be no other time in my life when I have the freedom of movement, of choices, of risk-taking, that I have now, and that in actuality, many potential doors are open to me. I'm thankful, therefore, for that shift in perspective, and seeing some of those open doors. I'm looking forward with hope, and I'm grateful for that.

What are you feeling grateful for? Let me know in the comments!
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Eli said...

love this post - thank you for the reminder to be grateful for little things just as much as the big things :)

Cee said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rebecca! It certainly sounds like you've face some adversity this year, but also like you've overcome a lot of it - good for you :)

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