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As you may or may not already know, I've been wearing glasses since the young age of 8 (#nerdykid) and since I have to wear them every day (or contacts, as I often do), I have grown to enjoy all different types of stylish specs, and love using them to change up my look. So when Firmoo got in touch to ask if I'd like to try a pair, I was, of course, delighted to do so.

Although Firmoo offers the option to get a complete pair online, I opted for clear lenses, since, like I mentioned in my Beauty and Books video, I prefer to get my intense and more complicated presecription filled out in person. I chose the Rena frames - because ombré effect and purple were a winning combination, in my opinion. For comparatively inexpensive frames to my usual ($33 vs. my usual $200+), these are a great little pair.  I usually go with plastic frames because my superthick prescription lenses overwhelm delicate ones - and while plastic frames can sometimes be a little heavy, these are nice and light, and also flexible, which is a plus, if you're clumsy, like I am.

Overall? I'm super happy with these cute, wallet-friendly little frames. If you're needing a new pair and on a budget or just looking for a good bargain, you may just find something you like at Firmoo.

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Cee said...

You were probably better off getting clear lenses - I got a prescription pair from Firmoo about a year ago and although I love the frames, the lenses make me feel like I'm looking at the world through a funhouse mirror. Sometimes it's better to spend a bit of extra money ;)

Rebecca R said...

When I ordered from Bonlook and tried to get proper lenses they were like - we can't do that prescription! I guess my I am too blind for them, ha. So with Firmoo I didn't bother trying, and based on what your experience has been, I'm glad I just got the frames and not the lenses. That's one area where I agree, I'd rather spend the extra $$.

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