Music Monday: Grenadine

I have been trying to read more, watch more movies and listen to more music in French as a means of keeping up my language skills, and likely due to my previous purchase of every Coeur du Pirate album, iTunes "suggested" Grenadine, the solo project of another Quebec-based singer, Julie Brunet, and I am officially a fan. Her songs are filled with themes of love, disappointment and loneliness, but presented in a sweet, pop style not unlike that of BĂ©atrice Martin (with whom she actually previously performed as accompaniment). That said, she is definitely unique enough in her own song-writing style that she stands apart. She's performing in Quebec City in April, and I am admittedly keen to make the journey from Ottawa to take in a live performance. Because great music in my favourite Canadian city? Sounds like a pretty fantastic time.

You can download Sainte-Flavie (one of my favourites of her songs) free here. Worth doing - it's fantastic.

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Cee said...

What a great song - thanks for the introduction to Grenadine! I'm thinking as I listen that you would probably like Joyce Jonathan, give her a google next time you're looking for some good French music :)

Rebecca Jane said...

Thanks for the suggestion Cee! Will definitely check her out!

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

I try to do the same as you - even though reading in French can be tedious, it is so helpful for keeping the language fresh in your mind. I love love discovering new French speaking artists - this song is fabulous, so glad you posted! x E

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