Canadian Tuxedo

Always one of my favourite shows out of the chaotic style overload that is fashion month, Miu Miu once again is pretty fantastic. Before the expert editors unpack the genius of this collection, I just have to say that two of my (many) favourite parts of this collection were the intense eyewear that librarians everywhere dream about, and what looks to be a modern and slightly more feminine take on the head-to-toe denim - the so-nicknamed Canadian Tuxedo. After the Prada sandal-boot debacle, I was uncertain of my feelings about what might happen at Miu Miu, but consider me relieved. So much goodness.

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Elise said...

Seriously loving those glasses!

Unknown said...

love the canadian tuxedo!!! not sure i would have the guts to venture past the boyfriend jean // chambray shirt option but if i did these would be the ones! loving!!!!!

Gina said...

Miu Miu is always one of my favourites too! Loved this collection.

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