Island Snapshots v. 2: Ship to Shore

I've been offline for much of this week as I was lucky to have two lovely friends come visit from Ottawa, and we spent our days wandering along deserted beaches (we consistently had them all to ourselves which was wonderful), wading through lapping (albeit chilly) waves and enjoying the peaceful serenity of the Island's sprawling shorelines. If you are following me on instagram (@ lotsixtyfive) you will have seen a sneak peek of some of our adventures.
Cliffs at Canoe Cove
At the harbour in North Rustico
I loved the colours of this boat. And also its name - "Aqua-Net"
Along the trails of Greenwich National Park
A lone lobster trap washed up on the beach at Greenwich
We also drove through rolling hills and along country dirt roads looking for new places to explore. I don't think I ever tire of showing people around PEI, it is so beautiful! Even though I am used to the stunning views that can be found around every corner, it's still such a neat experience to hear the gasps and see the delighted faces of my visiting friends who are discovering a new favourite spot or re-discovering an old favourite. I thought I'd share a couple of videos and photos taken with my phone (camera still broken = sadface) from our adventures on the roads to give you a sense of PEI in the early fall.

My friend Joe and I! As for the outfit, well, clearly I was going for comfort over style.
French River
Left: My shadow on the beach Right: Joe and Lisa climbed to the top of the lookout over Greenwich National Park
After giving tours of the island to a myriad of guests this summer, I think I can officially say I'm pretty much a pro at figuring out lots of interesting spots to visit and sights to see on PEI, even in the off season! Looking for some PEI travel tips? Definitely feel free to shoot me an email and I'd certainly be happy to help as much as I can. And if I haven't convinced you of the beauty of my beloved isle, you can take a peek at a second video featuring the beaches both at Thunder Cove as well as at Greenwich National Park here. Love.
Sunset from the Beach at Thunder Cove
We'll be celebrating this year's Thanksgiving out at the cottage, and I very much look forward to what will most likely be a last visit before we officially close it all up for winter. Hoping all of you fellow Canadians have a lovely and very happy holiday weekend!

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Elise said...

So many beautiful spots - wow!

Unknown said...

You always have such great PEI shots!!! they capture the vibe of the Island so well... love them!
Happy Long weekend!

Silver Strands said...

Wow Becca ... GORGEOUS!

Northern Style Exposure said...

Great photos! Looks amazing

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