Friday Favourites v. 8

It's been a while since my last Friday Favourites post, so I thought it high time to share what I've been inspired by lately - from recipes, to fabulous outfits, to genius DIY ideas, to random things that make me chuckle. Click though for some genuine awesomeness.

This seriously great DIY idea for floral sunglasses from FieldGuided.

A hilarious video of Oprah and a yelling goat. That's right. It's amazing.

This sweet little baby seal outfit that I would love to get for my niece or nephew if it was a little less pricey.

Delicious looking cast-iron pan pizza that I am dying to try my hand at making.

These stunning photos of my old stomping grounds (Ottawa!) taken by the lovely Justyna. My favourite? The fawn!!!

The discovery of the beautiful garments from Romance Was Born - a new-to-me Australian fashion label that is just beyond. The rainbow cape? There are no words.

Pretty floral trousers as seen on Liz of Late Afternoon.

An embroidered quote that I would love to snap up and put on my wall. Brownie points (and insta-friend status) if you know the movie it's from.

Library wallpaper? Yes please! (Although since it's Herm├Ęs, I could likely only paper a tiny portion of wall with it)

This absolutely beautiful Jack Bryan dress from Dear Golden Vintage.

Matching literary quotes with songs? The Literary Jukebox is officially a genius idea.

One of my all-time favourite candies? Junior mints. I'd love to try making this homemade version. Yum!

The fantastic looking upcoming fall collection from Aldo Rise. I can't wait!

And last but not least - these "landscaped" nails. Must have taken some major time commitment, but how incredible do they look?

Happy weekend everyone!

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Jenna said...

Oh my gosh that goat! So hilarious.

Elise said...

Those landscaped nails were pretty much the coolest things ever.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure the embroidered quote is from The Princess Bride and that Miracle Max says it

Rachel said...

I love Liz's blog, Late Afternoon!

Gina said...

That Dear Golden Vintage dress is a dream. Love it!

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Love all your favourites. The Aldo shoes look amazing, and thanks for introducing Romance Was Born.

Also, You should try the five finger runners! I thought they were creepy at first as well, but I am obsessed now. There are some really awesome pink ones that I am dying over and I just might have to get.

xo Ashley

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