Beach Babes

This morning my sister and I brought her sweet little babes to Chelton Provincial park for a beach day, to play on the sandbars and in the shallow water at low tide. As much as I love the white squeaking sand and the dunes of the north shore of PEI, I also love the warmer water and stretches of sandbars on the south shore beaches. They're better for collecting sea-glass too!

My energetic and hilarious nephew James was sporting a striped hat and spent his morning racing around sandbars, driving his toy cars through the sand, digging holes and building sand castles with his dear Mama.     

This was my niece Susannah's second ever visit to the beach, and although last time she wasn't too sure she liked the sand, this time she was all about splashing in the pools between the sandbars, and chasing after oblivious seagulls. Might I also point out the adorability of a perfect sun hat and ruffled swimsuit on this sweet little lass? I might be a biased aunt, but I think she is lovely, and a style icon in the making

One thing I love about this particular beach is that it's a lesser known spot - meaning fewer people and the sense of almost having the shoreline all to yourself. It's also unique because it is one of the few swimming spots where you can see the Confederation Bridge off in the distance. Pretty awesome.

We finished off the morning with a visit to the village shop for a freezie shared by the boy and I = yum. Nothing like spending the morning at the beach, and heading home with the breeze blowing through the windows, snacking on a frozen treat to make for a wonderful summer day. Perfect! 

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Elise said...

They are too cute!

Jenna said...

Looks like a lovely spot! And two cuties too!

Unknown said...

NICE photo editing!

Rosalyn said...

Come on, Dave, couldn't you think of a better comment than that?! :) Bec, I had an awesome time with you and my little loves today at the beach and I LOVE the photos you took of them. Love you!

Rebecca said...

Adorable pictures! Looks like so much fun!!!! What a lovely way to spend the day!



Kristian said...

oh, my goodness! That little girl is just the cutest (and her brother too!)

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