Sui Style Savant

It appears that my adorable one year old niece is an unwitting trend forecaster / muse, having sported her tasseled owl toque all winter long before similar versions popped up on the Anna Sui runway for Fall/Winter 2012.  My only conclusion is that little Susannah is a style icon in the making, since she's clearly already setting  trends for the New York runways.



Petite Adventures said...

Oh my god - she's just the cutest! And, so stylish at such a young age - watch out Anna Wintour!

Kitt Eliz said...

Thanks hilarious! Love it!

Catie said...

Becc, this is fantastic! Clearly style is genetic. Little Sus is a Becca in the making!

And now I want to crochet an owl hat. #doingit.

Melissa Wright said...

So cute!

Melissa said...

Hahaha amazing. She's adorable and very fashionable!

Happy Friday.


Rosalyn said...

I like to see my precious baby making the style bloggers swoon! :o) She is pretty darn cute, eh Bec?
I love you!

QT said...

Cute blog!

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