Although Target is finally coming to Canada (and to Ontario first, no less!), this Jason Wu x Target collaboration will not be.  I guess I will have to rely on shopping vicariously through American friends (hint hint?) because although I do like pretty much everything, there are a couple of items that I would really REALLY like to have.

That's right, you guessed it - the cat bag and cat scarf. I may not actually OWN a real cat (trying to avoid the single librarian cat-lady stereotype) but I do enjoy cat-emblazoned items and have started a bit of a collection (including this fantastic scarf). So obviously the above tote bag and scarf HAD to be on my must-have list from the Jason Wu x Target collab. I do like the rest of the pieces but they don't seem to me to be as covetable as the Rodarte line was, for example. I think it'd be pretty easy to find comparable looks and items elsewhere, but those cat accessories shall be mine.

Any US ladies want to help a Canadian blogger out? Seriously? Let me know. I would love you forever.


Photos via Flare.com


GIAA said...

love this, great looks!


Sasha said...

Animal prints seem to get more popular! Birds, deers, cats..what's next? :)

Unknown said...

so pretty!!

Milica i Marija Martinovic said...

so cute...

blue roses said...

i very much love the idea of the white and red dresses, but, am a bit fearful of what the actual mass construction will look like. i loved the missoni line in theory, not in practice.


Leah said...

It's too bad we won't get a chance to grab some of this stuff!
Good luck!

xo L.

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