Music Monday: Trickle Down Rain

I've been meaning to share some songs by Catherine MacLellan for a while now. She's a singer-songwriter from PEI, although she is now based out of Halifax. I already love the songs in these videos, entitled "Trickle Down Rain" and "Now and Then", but I love the fact that they were filmed by a talented Island filmmaker and filmed in one of my favourite Charlottetown haunts (Green Man Vintage and Vinyl) even more.

If you enjoy these tunes, you should head over to visit a great PEI blog - This Town is Small, which features more great Island musicians who, like Catherine, also took part in the Small Town Sessions.

P.S. Check out this kind mention of Lot 65 on - So excited about this!



Elise said...

Love that first song - so pretty!

Unknown said...


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Gorgeous Glam said...

Lovely! xx

Allison said...

Her voice is haunting but not tragic. She's really classic but unique at the same time! Now I need to see if she plays around here that much... Hmmm

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