Pretty as a Picture

A shoutout to for introducing me to the lovely scarves from Temps des Rêves, an apt name for a brand that takes dreamily beautiful photographs and turns them into stunning silk scarves.

If not for the $300 price tag on these beauties, I'd be snapping them up quick as you please. As it stands now, I am happy to admire them from afar.

You can find more work from Adrian Mesko, the talented photographer behind the dreaminess of Temps des Rêves, here and here.



Melissa Wright said...

Those are so cool!! Wonder if they do personal photos on scarves? $300 is a little much though!

A Fine Balance said...

oh wow pretty as a picture indeed!

Allison said...

Wowowow.... but! Wouldn't they make dreamy skirts too?

... Yea, thought so.

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