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I don't know if any of you are as avid readers of Fashion Magazine's site as I am, but one feature I have been loving all summer is Sarah Nicole Prickett's Word of the Day. Firstly, I am a word nerd, as anyone who knows me will definitely agree (Former English major,current Librarian? It was fated from the start) so it only makes sense that this is one of my top summer reads.

Secondly, each column is brilliant. Sometimes tongue-in-cheek or just plain hilarious. I often find myself laughing out loud at how spot-on her comments are, particularly these scathing comments on Tyra Banks' new novel (I peeped the excerpt on Barnes & Noble out of morbid curiousity, it is worse than I ever could have imagined).

Perhaps my favourite part of these word-related columns, however, have nothing to do clever wordplay but instead, are the featured illustrations by artist and photographer Lewis Mirrett. They are boldly colourful and vibrant, and if Ms. Prickett's witticisms alone weren't enough to keep me coming back, Mirrett's artwork certainly would.

Peep all of the "Word of the Day" posts here.

P.S. The countdown is on to the big reveal of the relaunch of the blog featuring a new layout. Keep your eyes peeled!



oomph. said...

the sketches are beautiful! i'll have to check out this site...thanks for sharing!


Melissa Wright said...

Love the all the bright colours in these!! FEels so summer like!

Leah said...

Ooh, I'm excited for your redesign. I've been meaning to do that this whole summer and never got around to it.

xo L.

joelle van dyne said...

i've never seen this feature before, but now i'm going to follow it! i love the idea of a word a day. like vocab lessons for grown-ups.

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