Friday Favourites v. 1

I've decided to put together a new feature - Friday Favourites! I know I know, it's not like I am the first to ever think of such a thing, but I am always stumbling onto lovely things, photos, people, sites, and I felt like it was finally time to share some of them with you all!

Although not a new discovery - I have been scrolling through the beautiful photos on Jamie Beck's Tumblr endlessly. So much prettiness!

Drooling over a multitude of endless breakfast possibilities

Playing around with my new favourite thing ever - Pinterest

Listening to this playlist on

The amazing colour of this sofa

Discovering this fabulous new blog from a fellow Maritimer

That PEI's literary heroine (and my doppelg√§nger) had a hand in drawing the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to visit my humble island , (although I will sadly be here in Ottawa when they are there).

Baking new and delicious recipes from this whoopie pie cookbook - Yum!

This cute dress from Orla Kiely

Hilariously bad books on Awful Library Books (I had to include a little Librarian humour!) This one in particular "How to be a Teen Fashionista"- that wasn't even that old! made me laugh a ton, possibly the worst fashion advice ever!!! Too funny

What are some of your favourite things lately? I would love to know!


Leanne said...

I have that same whoopie pie cookbook! So many yummy recipes

daisychain said...

amazing post! so in need of breakfast inspiration right now!

genevieve said...

Loving these impossibly awesome links, especially the breakfast tumbler! Thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

Cute feature idea- and I LOVE that Orla Kiely dress!!! My favourite things at the moment is relaxing (maybe because I don't do enough of it!)

P.S. The park with the red balls is right beside the Parkdale Market (my neck of the woods!)

Anonymous said...

Making a list of my favourite things always makes me super happy =) Right now on my list would be... snuggling on the couch with my dog, using my new elliptical, and walks in the sunshine =)

candice said...

oooo those breakfast photos are beautiful & tempting. thanks so much for including me in this round-up! so sweet of you! <3

Kristy said...

Eeep! I love friday favys. My favorite things lately are margaritas, springtime blooms and penny candies.. I will never grow up. x

Ali said...

just clicked through to the post about the teen fashionista book... I was all ready to tell you my latest favourite things, but I don't have time now. I need to go buy some THIGH JEWELLERY.

aliciafashionista said...

I love lists of favourite things. It must stem all the way back to The Sound Of Music lol. You have some amazing things on this list, I just might have to get this whoopie pie cookbook :)

Unknown said...

The blue sofa is really cool!! you are right... I haven´t think of my fav. things latetly but I will... thanks for the reminder. Im following Becca.

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