Music Monday - Library Voices

It seems only appropriate on my first day of work in a new library to dedicate my Music Monday post to the Regina, SK, based band, Library Voices. I first discovered them when they were touring with one of my favourite musical ensembles, Paper Lions.

Library Voices is an eight piece group that has a catchy but definitively quirky pop sound. Along with six regular vocalists and the usual suspects in terms of accompanying instruments, there are also crazy instruments that aren't typical of pop bands, including everything from the glockenspiel to organ, melodion to theremin as well as a bit of everything in between. It makes for a unique, and in my opinion, pretty interesting sound, which is what held my interest once introduced to their music.

How much fun does that show look seriously? Dancing, great music and balloons = awesome. You can listen to more of their music here at CBC Radio 3-Which is, incidentally, a fantastic place to discover new Canadian indie bands, if you are so inclined.

What are you listening to lately?


Allie said...

Oh I love this band! Great feature.

Ellen said...

They are so great!

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