Clear as Day

I've been on the hunt for new glasses (frames) for a while, and the other day one of the interns where I work was wearing a pair that reminded me very much of the clear Prada frames pictured above, albeit not sunglasses, and with a more delicate, everyday feel. I checked with her, and hers weren't Prada. I don't know if more everyday glasses frames were made to go along with this collection, but clearly (no pun intended) Miuccia set yet another trend that other makers of glasses are following.

I think the appeal for me, as a lifelong glasses wearer (well, since grade 3, anyway), and as someone with bad enough eyesight to merit a thick lens which is much more friendly to a similarly thick frame - the clear frame makes your face the focus and not the frame, which is the opposite effect of my current tortoise shell Fendi frames.

I think my next pair will either be clear frames if I can find a pair that works for me, or perhaps some vintage cat's eye frames - but that will be another post for another time.

 If you wear glasses (or just want to), what are some of your favourite frame trends?


daisychain said...

I really like thick solid frames. I need to book an eyetest actually, you just reminded me!

Holly said...

I always wanted to pull off that naughty teacher look with the dark thick frames but sadly I don't need glasses...looking forward to seeing these clear frames on you...hott!!

Carissa said...

red lips <3

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