Music Monday: Oh My My

For this edition of Music Monday, I thought would share the music of another Canadian girl, the lovely Jill Barber. Originally hailing from Halifax, she's a maritime lady at heart, like yours truly. Some of you Canadian readers may have heard her singing a few tunes during Stuart MacLean's Vinyl Cafe (one of my favourite CBC radio shows), since she toured with his show not so long ago.

I had the privelege of hearing her perform live in what was, for me, the perfect setting - an outdoor summer concert at the Home County Folk Festival in London (ON), last summer. We all sat on lawn chairs in the summer sunshine and listened to some fabulous music - she performed with The Good Lovelies, who I featured in a previous Music Monday post that you can check out here.

I think what I like about Jill Barber, apart from the fact that I love the jazzy style of music she sings, is her unique voice. It's a little gravelly, and different from any other. It doesn't appeal to everyone, but I am definitely a fan. I also think she has a really adorable vintage 50's kind of look - she often performs in the cutest dresses, and you can see that same vintage sensibility coming through in her videos as well.

I hope you enjoy! I for one am looking to her upcoming concert here in Winnipeg on the 26th of November.


Alissa said...

Love Jill Barber!

Julia said...

I hadn't heard of her before, she has a stunning voice!

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it xo

Isabel said...

im going to check her out :)

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