You Need a Library Card to Check Me Out

Okay, so first I admit, the blog post title is not my own original witticism (much as I wish it was), but rather a quote from a fabulous friend of mine who is just beginning her masters in library science not long after I have finished mine.  It is perfect, I think, especially in relation to these two fantastic dresses by Jeremy Scott - aptly named the Dewy and the Bookshelf dresses, respectively (Poor old Melvil got his last name spelled wrong in the naming of the first dress, but I'll let that slide this time).

I found them whilst perusing Wood Wood and in my current (well, longstanding, actually) love of all things book related, I was, of course immediately drawn to these two little numbers, particularly the first, short-sleeved and less bodycon version.

 At first I thought -- tacky.. but also? hilariously awesome. The longer I looked at them, the more I felt that at least one of these little numbers needs to make its way into my closet. Even if it only meant that I could wear it to work, and just have a laugh with my fellow library staff about how I could camouflage myself in among the stacks.  Trust me, the moment that one of these dresses lands in my hands, there will be an immediate and oh-so-rare but very necessary outfit post of just this situation - the bookshelf camouflage situation that is. How perfectly cheesy but fantastic at the same time, right? At least in my dorky little librarian universe it is. Also nerd-fabulous is the idea of being simultaneously the librarian and the library.. oh my.

I have dreams of the first of these two dresses, worn with opaque black (or perhaps complementary coloured) tights and knee high boots, and the perfect leather jacket from Mackage that I lusted over at Aritzia the other day.


devilishlypleasurable said...

that is so stunning! would love the second one. . i love tacky stuff, perhaps, but this is a work of art

Sootjeelina said...

Pretty and fun looking dress

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Silver Strands said...

cute Cute CUTE!

Marta from With Love... said...

That is such a fun pattern, ideal for a bookworm :)


Unknown said...

haha i love this post! i should suggest this to my supervisor :D
it'll be our work uniform :)
and thanks for your lovely comment! and of course i visited pei! the place was magical! I'm going to post some pictures from there soon :)
page said...

Not sure if I would ever dress anything like this, but these pieces are for sure very original!

Annie @ Wiloh said...

I love Jeremy Scott's stuff. It's so playful!

Robyn said...

That print is crazy amazing!

Unknown said...

I needneedneed a book dress!! Also, you work in a library???? You literally have my dream job. Tres jalouse.

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