A Little Marc Love

I don't know how much I can say about Marc Jacob's Resort 2011 collection that hasn't already been said better elsewhere, but it is (as I've come to expect from him), fantastic. At least in my opinion.

I love feminine details and ruffles, gentle but tailored dresses, soft colours, polka dots, frills, lace, and each of these loves was addressed here. It's so girly (Do you not fall in love immediately with the above blue frilly strapless confection??) - and perfect!

I could never fully get behind the studs, shredded leggings and grungy rock star looks that were so popular in seasons past, and on bloggers everywhere. Frankly,  I'm really excited to see the trendsetter of trendsetters bring back girliness in such a fabulous and wonderful way. Thanks Marc.


Miri said...

Beautiful, I adore Marc Jacobs!


Ashley Dy said...

Really love the hat!!!

Unknown said...

wow i love this collection! :)
its gorgeous :)
love marc as always :)

OnTheRacks said...

Oh, Marc. He's done it again! Love this collection. The shape of that dress at the bottom right is so amazing!


Tokyo fashion-HOLIC said...

Awesome collection.
I love Marc,too!!


Anonymous said...

I love how classic and feminine the collection is. <3

-Dyanna Pure

Sara Bow said...

OMG i love every single outfit :D:D

great blog!


Balkan Couture

Mila said...


Frances Davison said...

such classic marc, I love it x

Silver Strands said...

love the polka dots Becca!

Dave&Chrissy said...

Oooooo....all so pretty Becca. Although, I'm wondering if my bum would hang out a mile when I bend over in a few??

Denisa L said...

indeed fantastic!

Anonymous said...

i'm usually not a big fan of polka dots but these actually look really great


Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

That second row of dresses is GORGEOUS! Annie.

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