Music Monday: I'm a Believer

Photo by Al Douglas
A couple of weeks ago I went to a fantastic show (pictured above - I was in that crowd!) at the PEI Brewing Company featuring one of my favourite bands that just happens to be homegrown here on my beloved isle, Paper Lions.  I've followed these guys from the very beginning, from a show at the Arts Guild when they were still known as the Chucky Danger Band to shows in Winnipeg and Ottawa, and every time they put on an absolutely amazing show.  But this latest one that I attended was easily my favourite.  There were guest performances by young local talent, spectacular sax solos, confetti cannons, balloon drops and an excited crowd singing along to basically every song. It was a seriously fun time, and if these guys show up in your city, I highly recommend that you go, you won't be disappointed.

They'll soon be releasing an album which you can support via Pledge Music here (I already have!).  "Believer", above, is one of their new singles from the new album, and I am officially so incredibly excited to hear every last song, because I've been bopping around to this one for the last few weeks and totally loving it. I never cease to be impressed at the fantastic songwriting and catchy hooks that Paper Lions continue to come up with - so good. 
Have a listen guys, seriously.  If you're not loving life dancing around to this tune in minutes, I will be shocked.  It's SO GOOD!
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