Reading in Style v. 16

Amy of Amy Flying a Kite
Jill from The August Diaries
Alexandra from Larkspur Vintage
Jenny from Margo and Me 
Olivia from What Olivia Did

It's time for another Reading in Style post, featuring some stylish ladies with their noses in books. While I feel like any spot is a good spot to read, some are more unique than others. Personally, I think Amy's choice of the forest meadow is certainly the most romantic.  However, there is indeed something to be said for curling up in comfy-cozy socks and cushions, tucked into a sofa or armchair like Jill or Olivia, or full-on literary lounging like Alexandra and Jenny.

My number one favourite spot to read is lounging on a towel at the beach, which I did shappily did an absolute ton of this summer.  Problem is, it's getting a bit cold for that now, so I'm relegated back to my fall/winter spot of choice - the corner of the couch, cup of tea in hand. For especial coziness, I'll throw a homemade afghan or quilt across my knees.  Either way, with a book in hand I'm a happy girl.

What's your favourite spot to curl up with a good book? 

Would you like to be featured in my next Reading in Style post? If you've got a bookishly stylish look/post to share, feel free to send it my way! rebecca (at) lotsixtyfive (dot) com!

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