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I am always thrilled to try new nail polishes out - as my ever-growing collection and overflowing storage area could very easily demonstrate.  I wear polish on my nails nearly every day and I have indeed noticed that they do need a break from time to time due to breakage and brittleness.  What intrigued me about the Nail Envy collection is that these polishes are formulated to encourage strengthening and growth.  
I tried four of these polishes: One slightly pink-tinted nail treatment - Pink to Envy, Two sheers - Bubble Bath and Samoan Sand, and One cream - Hawaiian Orchid

If you love sheer polishes and/or french manicures, I think that both Bubble Bath and Samoan Sand would be perfect for those types of look. Personally? I prefer a creamy, opaque finish on my nails but these are two beautiful sheer options, if that's your cup of tea.

The clear winner of this set, for me, is Hawaiian Orchid. It is a perfect soft pink that goes with everything, and is precisely the sort of colour and creamy, lustrous finish that I love. This is a polish I've already gone back to several times, and I know I will continue to do so - it's gorgeous. 

As for the treatment, Pink to Envy, and the overall strengthening quality of these polishes, I have to say that I think there is certainly some effect.  I wear polish on my nails easily 95% of the time, taking breaks when they seem to get brittle or break easily.  I wore a rotation of these colours (and a week of simply the clear (there really isn't much of a tint) treatment polish, and while my nails aren't unusually strong, neither have they become as brittle as they often tend to do.  So overall? I think on the strengthening promise, these polishes do deliver, if subtly. 

What polishes have you been loving lately?
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