Intentional Gratefulness v. 10

I read a lovely post recently by Rebecca of From Roses that called to mind feeling grateful, particularly finding joy in the small moments of the everyday.  Her words (and examples) really resonated with me.  Sometimes the smallest, most seemingly insignificant things can be beautiful bits to both enjoy and feel thankful for, and so with that in mind,  I'm sharing a few of the small yet joyful happenings that I've felt grateful for this past week. 

 - Sniffing the intoxicatingly delicious aroma of farm fresh strawberries at the local general store
  (I bought and subsquently ate them = yum)

- Driving home through sun-showers and spotting the absolutely glorious double rainbow that accompanied them

- Stopping to enjoy stunning sunsets (see above!) over the water - I never tire of these

- Picnic lunch(es) in the park with colleagues

- Watching my humble herb garden begin to flourish on my windowsill, and harvesting the spoils

- Homemade jam (Thanks Rosie!) on a bakery-fresh roll = scrumptious

- Feeling the wind on my face while running on the trails

- The smell of salt water

- Opening my curtains to a sunshiny morning when it's been rainy for ages. 

- Spotting a piece of seaglass during shoreline strolls to add to my growing collection

- Watching my youngest niece quite literally laugh until she fell over - cuteness plus!!!

What are you thankful for lately?
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