Intentional Gratefulness v. 8


Is it possible that we're already most of the way through April and this is my first gratefulness post of 2015? It is, and this is. Insert sheepish look here. I'm going back to my initial goal of sharing things I've been thankful for over the past week (or weeks) and am endeavouring to capture them more regularly here on the blog - because there really are so many things worth sharing.

Most recently, I'm feeling grateful for:

- Faraway friends who send me hilariously perfect gifts completely out of the blue.

- The warm-ish (today was only 12C) breezes signaling spring's reluctant arrival to this fair isle

- (Related to the above) Getting back into outdoor running!

- Tickles and giggles with a hilarious niece and nephew

-  Supportive co-workers who love a laugh and make me enjoy heading into the office each day.

- So many friendly faces around a still-new-to-me village: Everyone from the ladies at the post office to the library clerk to the owner of the local general store greeting me by name = the nicest thing.

- My new veggie spiralizer which has made my goal of eating healthy much more convenient and fun.

- A mini-trip to look forward to with my BFF Holly

- The new freckles finding their way to my face thanks to increased time in the spring sunshine

- Being able to come home for weekly Farmer's Market dates with my parents

What are you thankful for lately?
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