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After hearing about it endlessly from the UK-based beauty bloggers and vloggers that I follow, when I found out that Shoppers Drug Mart was finally carrying Soap & Glory products (a small but growing part of the full range) I was delighted.  I have, thus far, given several of their products a go and almost every one of those have worked their way into my everyday routine. As a result, I thought I'd do a bit of a brand spotlight on a line I'm loving, and share a few of my favourites.  
First and foremost- Sugar Crush Body Wash.  Oh my gosh, this stuff is seriously amazing.  It. Smells. So. Incredible. Citrus and lime and sweet fruity awesomeness. As soon as I finished my last bottle of this stuff I picked up another. It is such a wonderfully refreshing way to put some pep in your step in the morning, which, as a staunch non-morning person, I totally need.
The pros of the "Scrub of Your Life" smoothing body scrub are that it smells divine, and it definitely provides the silky-smooth skin one would hope for from an exfoliating scrub. When I noticed the scrub aspect, I was initially concerned about the possibility of micro beads  (If you want to know why, check this out) . Thankfully, the scrubbers are made of wax that does actually melt, unlike the plastic versions that I want to stay away from. Although I do often use my own homemade sugar scrub as an all-over exfoliator, this is a great alternative option.
Another winner that I have been using religiously every night is the Righteous Butter - in the pump rather than the tub which is also an option. I am a huge fan of the soft, subtle, clean scent of this product, and also it's wonderfully hydrating and nourishing properties. I'm motoring right through my current bottle, and I know I'll be repurchasing this one.
I've always been one to take care of my sensitive skin, but in this endless winter (snowstorms in April? come on!), hydration has been more important than ever.  I do have to be a bit careful with my combination and spot-prone skin, so I'm often pretty picky with creams for that reason. When I tried the Catch a Wrinkle in Time day moisturizer I was pleasantly surprised by how hydrated and nourished my skin felt - minus the spots! My tube pictured here is now empty, and I am keen to replace it, post haste.
Last but certainly not least, another recent favourite from Soap & Glory are the Fab Pore T-Zone Cloths.  I was sent these for review, and they were released to Shopper's locations here in Canada in March.  My t-zone is easily my worst area: keeping it clear is hard work.  I use these after an initial wash with Cetaphil, as extra care for this trouble zone and I have noticed a marked difference. Add to that the clean and refreshing scent and you have a winner.
Have you tried any products from the Soap & Glory line-up? I'd love to hear your favourites!
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Ellie said...

Sugar Crush is my favourite - it smells SO GOOD!

Rebecca R said...

Delish, right?

Beckerman Girls said...

That soap looks incredible! LOVVVE the packaging!!! SOOOO fabulous and happy!
xoBeckerman Girls

Eli said...

I believe I've seen this at Target before, here in the US! Will have to try that body wash now!

Rebecca R said...

I'd love to know what you think! It's hands down one of my favourite bath products ever.

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