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Some of you may know that I recently joined the ranks of youtube book(ish) bloggers or "Booktubers" as they are sometimes called. I've posted a few videos to the new lotsixtyfive channel, a fact revealed when I posted my first-ever video here on the blog. Fast forward a few weeks and in addition to what you may have seen here on the blog (read: cookies and nail polish) I've also posted several two(ish)-minute book reviews featuring a bunch of different novels I've read recently. 

Check out what I've been up to in the book-review-playlist above! And if you've read any of these titles? I'd love to know what you thought of them!
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KrisWithaK said...

Fun, Rebecca! I've heard about Booktubing, and often wondered about it. I may put it on my goals list for 2015!

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