Last-Minute Costume Ideas

There's only one more day until All Hallow's Eve is upon us, and these last-minute, simple costume ideas I've pulled together feature items that are, for the most part, closet staples. Easy-peasy, especially if, like me, you're a fellow redhead! Let's have a look, shall we?

Simple Costume Ideas: Amy Pond

First up - a well-loved companion of "The Doctor" - Amy Pond. There are many options when dressing up as this particular character (as a quick google image search will show you), but I picked this simple, casual look from her final appearance in the series, The Angels Take Manhattan. All you'll need is a pair of jeans, rolled up at the cuff, a striped shirt, military-inspired jacket, black glasses and black flats, preferably oxfords, if possible. Just so people will have a clue as to your costume, print out a colour copy of the "Melody Malone" cover, temporarily affix it to a paperback from your shelf and you're done.
Simple Costume Ideas: Joan Holloway

Next up, a simple, chic look from the lovely Joan Holloway from Mad Men. There are so many directions you could go with this, but I chose one of her simpler ensembles: a pink dress, matching lip, heels, a pencil necklace, and a simple gold bracelet. Top it off with a chic 60's beehive and you're set.

Simple Costume Ideas: Grace

Last but not least, style icon Grace Coddington. Start with skinny black trousers and a basic white blouse. Add a sparkly necklace, black shoes, a dark red lip, a royal blue statement coat, and a copy of her memoirs (or a rolled up copy of Vogue) under your arm. Final touch? Curl up that hair into tight spirals, and then backcomb it out for Grace's signature wild tresses. 

Looking for even more halloween costume ideas? Do yourself a favour and check out Eli from Thift Eye's series of amazing (and simple!) costumes, here.
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Jenna said...

So many great ideas!! Love the Amy Pond look. So easy but fun!

Sarah Atkinson said...

Awesome costume ideas, love the redhead theme!! Happy Halloween!


Rebecca R said...

Happy Halloween to you too! :)

Sabrina Kwan said...

Halloween? I'd wear any of these on a regular day! Except maybe the Mad Men one...that would just be for special fanciness.


Rebecca R said...

Haha, actually, I would too. Particularly the Grace Coddington-inspired ensemble.

Paige Anthony said...

These are such wearable outfits! Love them

Cee said...

I love the idea of dressing up as Grace Coddington - so fun!

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