My Closet: Fall Favourites

Fall Favourites
When asked to pull together some fall favourites from my own closet, I have to say that thus far, the key players in constant rotation are, simple, comfortable, and decidedly cozy. With the exception of yesterday's strangely warm rain, it's been pretty chilly here in Prince Edward County, and I've been drawn to various combinations of the above items from my closet time and again over the first few weeks of autumn.

First? My favourite ankle boots (oldies but goodies) from Joe Fresh. I purchased these a few years ago, and they've been going strong ever since. I pair them with jeans, skirts, dresses, you name it. They are versatile, and, considering their heel, surprisingly comfortable, even after several years of wear.

Another fall staple is my jean jacket. I am pretty much obsessed with this thing. When I lost my favourite one, I searched high and low for a new jacket and I lost count of how many stores I stopped in before I settled on this one. I wore it in summer and I am still wearing it now that days have gotten cooler. Crucial.

This sweater from Joe Fresh is new to me this fall, and I already love it so much that I am seriously considering adding the other colour options to my collection of cozy knits. It is so warm! And soft! And wonderful! If you're on the hunt for a chunky knit sweater, this is a winner.

Striped dresses. I think I might have a problem. There are seriously so many of these in my closet I should probably stop buying them. I do, however, love this one in muted fall tones though. Fun fact? It pairs pretty perfectly with the aforementioned jean jacket. Yep, winning.

Skinny jeans. No brainer. These are a staple year round, amirite? And a dark, berry-coloured lip? Check and double-check.

Although I typically gravitate to delicate jewelry, I admit that sparkly, shiny, chunky necklaces still manage to be a favourite of mine, and this one I got a while ago from Baublebar is still going strong. 

Last but certainly not least, perhaps my most beloved fall staple is a long, easily wrappable, cozy scarf. I love scarves and have quite a collection of them. It's time to put away the summery silk and soft cotton and bring out the fuzzy, wooly wonders that are the harbingers of autumn and the coming winter. This double-sided beauty from Joe Fresh is keeping me warm in spite of brisk fall breezes and I couldn't be happier with it.

What are some of the best-loved pieces in your closet this fall?
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Louise said...

I love a cozy scarf for fall too. And that one is awesome!

Cee said...

I've been eyeing that same scarf, Rebecca - it looks like the perfect fall piece (and you can't beat the Joe Fresh price point!) Great minds ;)

Jeffrey Chung said...

Lovely blog :)

Rebecca R said...

It is seriously a wonderful colour!

Beckerman Girls said...

FANTASTIC!!! LOVin' all of the pieces esp the red lipstick! That shade is next level awesome! xoBeckerman Girls

Ashley said...

These are great fall staples. I think I'm going to have to pick up that sweater!!!

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