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I've been doing a lot of reading lately (no surprise there!) and while I mostly gravitate towards fiction,  I decided to give something different a go. Finding ways to grow and challenge myself physically, mentally and spiritually have always been important to me, but especially over the past couple of years. So when I saw Home Behind the Sun: Connect With God in the Brilliance of the Everyday by Timothy Willard and Jason Locy among the choices from Booklook Bloggers, my interest was piqued.

I read this book over several sittings, taking the time to absorb what I read and to let it sink in. There were several times throughout the book where I picked up a pen to underline a passage, quote, or thought. There is definitely some wisdom to be found in these pages. My favourite sections included concepts like overcoming despair with joy, finding contentment and brilliant moments in the minutiae of daily life, the power of forgiveness, and also of imagination.

I only had two real complaints. First, that it was a bit disjointed here and there. There are two authors, and while that normally doesn't bother me, they relied heavily on anecdotes and stories, and kept inserting brackets to the effect of (P.S. It's me now!) - I'm totally paraphrasing here, ha. I just found that very distracting. It took away from the flow of the chapters, and I wish they could have found a way to work out that kink in a different way. Second, there was one chapter focused on men and manliness and while I don't have a problem with that, I felt it was really out of place within the context of the rest of the chapters - almost like it was a chapter from another book that accidentally got added in. Aside from those two challenges, I was able to find a lot of goodness in this book.

Two favourite thoughts from my underlined passages:

"The dynamic of our lives directly affects and possesses the power to encourage someone else. This is why we can't allow life to force us into ourselves"

"It is the act of chasing brilliance that keeps hope alive within our hearts.  And that chasing act produces an expectation of belief - that though the shadows lengthen and at times overwhelm, the brilliance is not far away"

If this sounds like a book you'd like to read, I'm eager to pass it on. 
Simply leave me a note in the comments or send me an email, and 
the first person who does will get my (only slightly marked up) copy.
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Cee said...

I just have to comment - not on the book but on those dahlias! They're huge! And stunning. Dahlias are my favourite flowers, so I couldn't help myself ;)

Beckerman Girls said...

I defn' have to check out this book! LOOKS AMAZZZING! xoBeckerman Girls

Rebecca R said...

Aren't they lovely? I had to include them in the photo because I just love their vibrancy, even this late in the fall. They're among the last floral hangers-on in the garden.

PopChampagne said...

love the passages you have quoted here. Lately I've been really into reading too, must be the cold weather!!

Rebecca R said...

Cold weather indeed! Reading is always infinitely more appealing in autumn and winter, I find.

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