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It's no secret that I am a bit hopelessly smitten with anything and everything library-related, and the story is the same here. A favourite (and bookish) online shop of mine, Out of Print, is currently stocking a "Library Collection" featuring, among other things, this fantastic date-stamp tee and old-school library-card inspired tote. Officially on my wish-list? Yes and yes. 

The best part? For every tee and tote purchased, Out of Print will send a book to a community in need. A surefire way to win any librarian's heart.

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noone said...

I like that shirt, it's cute!! and haha can't wait to hang out with you next thursday! UNION

Marie a la Mode said...

I am sending this link to my cousin who has a masters in library science, she's gonna love that shirt!

Cee said...

Oh my gosh that tee! There's no doubt that I need one in my life - and you do, too ;)

jennie said...

Best tee ever, you totally need it in your life!! <3

Jennie xo |

Sabrina said...

I think this is adorable, and I'm not even a huge reader. You definitely need to get this!


Rebecca said...

This library collection is amazing! I just love that date stamp tee and that is such a cool thing that they donate a book to a community in need with every purchase!


Reagan said...

Interestinng thoughts

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