Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show

Yesterday afternoon I had the pleasure of spending the morning with my friend and fellow librarian Catherine at the Ottawa Vintage Clothing Show. It was a treasure trove of gorgeous dresses, tiny shoes (for my sasquatch feet at least), silk scarves, fancy hats, and bits and baubles of all kinds. We spent a happy couple of hours perusing the wares of the various sellers in attendance (some much more well curated than others, finding all sorts of beauties. I think one of my favourite parts of the show was simply people watching - checking out the stylish ensembles of fellow showgoers (Victory rolls and 50's dresses abounded) and hearing the gasps of delight as pre-loved pieces were matched with their new owners. I wished I had brought my proper camera instead of merely my phone (please forgive the poorer photo quality) for the purposes of capturing some of the stylish showgoers, but I think even then I probably would've been too shy to approach any of them.

The green sparkly dress, above, was one of my favourite pieces overall. It wasn't my size, of course, so I did the next best thing and snapped a photo of it. I turned to look at some other garments on display from the same vendor, and turned back around to see that it had been eagerly snapped up, hopefully on its way to a happy new home. There was yet another dress that stole my heart, but I didn't include a picture of it here, because it was so glorious as to merit its own post (coming soon). There were many other beauties, including one beautiful but sad blue dress that had been tried on by too keen an attendee only to get rather severely damaged. A cautionary tale.

I didn't end up purchasing anything, but it was a fantastic event filled with innumerable unique items, and all in all, a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning.

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noone said...

ahh I love going to vintage shows like that, though I do find a lot of stuff at those type of vintage shows are getting a bit overpriced now!

Rebecca Jane said...

I agree - I didn't end up getting anything because most stuff was too rich for my blood.

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