Never Have I Ever

Single Gal's V-Day
With the quintessential romantic holiday approaching, I love the idea of celebrating Valentine's Day in style with feminine and love-themed pieces that will transition seamlessly to an everyday wardrobe. And for the day itself? I think it's worth remembering that single ladies (even perpetually-single ones, like me) totally have a reason to even it if is just about showing yourself a little love, or making this love-filled holiday about celebrating fantastic friendships and loved ones. 

I'm quite comfortably single at the moment, but it doesn't mean I don't love "love". And as my style tends towards the feminine all year round and not just when love is in the air as it is this time of year, I'm sharing some of my single-gal Valentine's day picks. If nothing else, read that book by my kindred spirit Katie Heaney (the subject of an upcoming book review post)!! It's a hilarious, relateable, and the perfect - and highly appropriate - read this February 14th.

1. Never Have I Ever - My Life (So Far) Without a Date - Katie Heaney
2. Bella Freud Kisses Sweater
3. Alice & Olivia Flats
4. Baublebar Romantic Text Necklace
5. Kate Spade Book Clutch
6. Hanky Panky Camisole + Shorts
7. MAC Viva Glam Rihanna Lipstick


Cee said...

I have a conflicted relationship with Valentine's Day, despite the fact that my husband and I have been together for ten years - I love all of the sweet treats and cute accessories (I mean really, that Kate Spade clutch? Who wouldn't love it?) but at the same time, the idea of showing love only on designated days of the year seems shortsighted to me. But then again, eating chocolates and wearing heart-print flats? I kind of think that should be an everyday thing, too :)

noone said...

the book clutch is neat. and yaaa valentines day, this year I'm working doing a wine promo at LCBO. how romantic lol.

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