Leith Clark x Warby Parker

I've loved Warby Parker for ages - a love cemented by the moment they stated a showing of their fabulous frames in the New York Public Library - but I am absolutely, wholeheartedly smitten with their new range of frames, designed in collaboration with Leith Clark (founder of Lula, need I say more?), which I discovered thanks to Erin. They are feminine, fun and colourful, with a distinctly vintage feel. I would be lying if I didn't admit that I would delightedly wear every single pair in a heartbeat, and that I'd ideally snap up the whole collection if my pocketbook allowed. Spectacularly stylish spectacles? Always a win in my books.

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Short Presents said...

Love them!!!

Virginie said...

Amazing glasses !! Love them !!!

Rebecca said...

I really do love to see a fashionable lady wearing some funky frames! These are so unique and I really love that second pair! Fabulous!


Eli said...

So I think I'm actually going check with my insurance about paying for one of these when my prescription comes up again next year. I LOVE the first pair!

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