Dermablend - A Review

When the folks over at got in touch with me to try out a new cover creme from Dermablend, the always curious make-up experimenter in me was excited to give it a go. I wondered mainly if the "Pale Ivory" that I selected would indeed be pale enough for my über-white complexion, as this is something I consistently struggle with when it comes to foundations, powders, concealers and the like. Red-haired readers - I'm sure you can relate!

The first two things that won me over were A: that it has 30 SPF - a must for anyone, but especially those of us who burn easily, no matter the weather (even in winter!), and B: the fact that Pale Ivory did, in fact work with my skintone. Success!

This particular creme from Dermablend suggests that it can cover everything from scars to rosacea, and although I don't struggle with those issues, I definitely don't have a perfect complexion by any measure. In the above photo, I am wearing not a stitch of make-up other than this creme, and I have to say that I'm pretty happy with how smooth and clear my skin appears. Another pro? It has a barely there feel - not heavy like some foundations or creams I've used.

The only real con is that I find it a bit awkward to put on. There's a little plastic ... spatula (??) that comes with it? It's too firm to just dip in one of my trusty foam triangles or to use my fingers so I had to just scrape a bit out with my little spatula/spoon/make-up utensil. That said, for me, at least, the pros outweigh the cons for this product, and I'll definitely be happily using it for a while to come, as it doesn't take much to get the job done!

Find the full selection of Dermablend products here. Happily - all of them ship free within Canada = win!

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Sabrina Kwan said...

Free shipping within Canada...I might need to get my hands on this. I have absolutely terrible skin and haven't found (or wanted to pay a big price tag for) foundations that actually cover everything up.


Marie a la Mode said...

Great review Rebecca! I like that it can cover scars. And your skin looks flawless : )

Beckerman Girls said...

Looks FANTASTIC! like INCREDIBLE! so silky and smooth and great colour!
xoBeckerman Girls

PopChampagne said...

ahh free shipping to canada :D thats what I like to hear hehe. let me know when you're in town!

Rebecca R said...

Thanks ladies! xo

Eli said...

This is the same brand that covered that man's tattoos right? As a freckle face, I think I need this.

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