Skirt: Forever 21+ Turtleneck & Boots: Joe Fresh Tights: We Love Colors Wristlet: Coach

This week over on Stylelist Canada, a fellow contributor posted on incorporating leather into your look (check out the post here). Needless to say, it inspired me to pull this (faux) leather skirt of the depths of my closet and style it up for the blog. I admit that for me, leather items are usually relegated to bags or shoes, or sometimes a jacket. I hadn't bought any leather-esque items before this Forever 21 pencil skirt, but I think it's a fun trend to try, for sure.

Since a red (p)leather skirt is pretty bold, I toned things down by keeping everything else black, down to my favourite (real) leather Joe Fresh boots. I still got many a questioning glance from people walking by on the boardwalk. I will note, however that a skirt and heels is not usually the outfit of choice for those taking an evening stroll along the waterfront, so perhaps I stood out more for that reason, ha.

What are your thoughts on the leather trend? If you're incorporating leather into your look this spring, I'd love to hear how! Let me know in the comments!


Elise said...

Love that red skirt! So great!

Marisa said...

Love the skirt Rebecca!

Cee said...

Look at you, gorgeous lady! When it comes to wearing leather (and pretty much everything, I admit), I rarely think of anything but black... but your red leather skirt is gorgeous and so unexpected, too! Love this look :)

Julie Cadieux said...

So cute!

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