Adore Me - A Review

You may remember that I did a review a little while back of some pretty unmentionables from the folks at Adore Me, and had, overall a really positive experience. Well, since then, they've done some updating to their site, and so contacted me about taking another look at the site and trying out some of their pretty lingerie, which of course I was delighted to do.
Their new site is a little fresher, prettier, and user friendly, but the main update that I was excited to see was the addition of more selection for those of us with a few extra curves. Back when I first reviewed Adore Me, finding something in my size was one of my major struggles. With the addition of the curvy line, there were many more options which was a huge relief, although I did admittedly have to check back a couple of times for my exact size to be in stock in a style I liked.

Brenda Set courtesy of Adore Me

As for my selection, I ended up choosing this lovely black lace number - the Brenda. Once again a matching set, and once again I was impressed with the quality and the fit - it suited perfectly! Always a relief when ordering online (especially with lingerie!), at least for me.

If you haven't checked out Adore Me yet and you're a lover of pretty underthings, I'd definitely recommend taking a look!


Gina said...

So pretty! I haven't ever ordered something from there, but I'll def be checking out their site!

Aimee said...

Oh, thanks for the tip! I'll peruse their site and see if they have any garters.. I've been looking!

Elise said...


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