Valentino Couture

Couture for me is all about magic. Knowing there are literally hundreds of hours of work in each garment that walks the runway, but getting caught up in the dream as it unfolds before you. Valentino is a house that consistently does that, for me, at least every time they present a couture collection, and their most recent offering is no exception.

I spent ages looking at every single look, then at the photographs of beauty and most importantly, the detail. It's only when you see the details closer up that you realize how truly amazing the artists who create them are, even those for whom the sole responsibility is hand-rolling piping (seen beautifully on the red dress close-up). It's about making the dream a reality - and making it seem effortless. My very favourite? A Valentino signature, the red dress with sheer long sleeves.  If I was styling an actress for the Oscar red carpet? This would be first on my list of gowns to suggest. So incredibly lovely.

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Jenna said...

Absolutely lovely.

Gina said...

Each piece even more beautiful than the last! Love this collection.

Rebecca said...

Such gorgeous looks! I just love that long sheer red dress too!


Emmett Katherine said...

Beautiful, and yes the work that goes into each piece shows!

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