Floral Tee

Cardigan: Joe Fresh (old) Tee: Joe Fresh Jeans: Old Navy
Maybe I'll be the only style blogger to admit it, but I don't get dressed up every day. Case in point? These are the glimpses at today's outfit that I was able to snap while the sweet niece I was looking after was off having a snooze. Perhaps not very exciting, this simple tee, cardigan, and skinny jeans; but more often than not, some iteration of this combination is my go-to outfit, especially when on babysitting duty.

On this dreary winter day, I was happy to at least inject some springy floral colour into my standby ensemble with this new Joe Fresh tee - they have so many fantastic prints this season that I am seriously excited about, and have me dreaming of warm spring days. Speaking of warmer days, I'm hoping to get out this week for some more properly stylish snaps now that the temperature has warmed up a little and the blustering snow has stopped (at least for the moment), so keep an eye out! 

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Anonymous said...

I love the pattern on that tee! It's refreshing to hear a fashion blogger say that they don't always get dressed up - I always assume that fashion bloggers that post every day aren't always wearing those outfits for their entire day of work, errands, etc.

MJ said...

Your hair looks amazing!

Unknown said...

I'm a huge fan of floral these days! Great look and hopefully the weather warms up for you - here in Ottawa it's been chilly.

Unknown said...

You're eyes are beautiful and love that floral top! Love those glasses in your new pic too girl.

Katrionagh said...

Love that tee! I could definitely see it tucked into a full skirt in the spring. Florals are kind of a dark-horse transition piece I guess!

As always, jealous of "DAT HAIR"

Jill said...

I am so jealous you have access to Joe Fresh! Its my favorite cheap fashion stop every time I go to NYC! It's pretty much the one store i wish i had here in Chicago! Lucky Girl!


Pretty ;)

Rebecca said...

Such a cute top! I adore floral print!


Cee said...

I wish I didn't have to admit it, but the truth is that, like you, I don't get dressed up every day - I work from home, so if I'm just going to be sitting in front of my laptop all day and taking breaks to clean, a skirt and heels just don't seem appropriate. In fact, your everyday look is much cuter than many of mine - I just love your floral tee :) And your curls are look particularly lovely!

Melissa Wright said...

So glad to hear you say this! I don't dress up everyday and love to see everyday outfits posted! Looking great and that top is perfect to remind us that spring is on the way!

Petite Adventures said...

Cute look - love the floral shirt on you!

Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

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