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I headed to Superstore today with the intent of picking up a new blush and lipstick, but due to awesome sales (50% off Sunglasses and polish for $1.94) I ended up with several new shades of nail colours to try as well as a new pair of cat-eye sunnies. I'm looking forward to trying out orange lipstick (hoping it doesn't end up looking terrible on me) and have already discovered a love for the perfect Poppy red. 

Keep an eye out on instagram where I'll be posting the results of all my experiments with new lip and nail colour!

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Gina said...

Love those sunglasses!

Elise said...

Not sure I'm brave enough to try orange lipstick, but I do like the look of that colour!

Savannah said...

Awesome deals! Joe Fresh is awesome!!

Angela said...

awesome colours!

Angela Donava

Petite Adventures said...

Fabulous deals! Those sunglasses are fantastic - love the shape!

Kate xo

Sandy Joe said...

Joe Fresh has the best selection of nail polish colours hands down!

x The Pretty Secrets

Melissa Wright said...

$1.94 for nail polish! That is an amazing deal!! I love Joe Fresh! I think those lipstick colours will look fab on you! Can't wait to see them!

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Nice! I love the Joe Fresh lipsticks. Adore the poppy red.

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